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Strand Vets have always believed prevention is better than cure and careful planning not only saves money but helps make it too.  Modern vet practice is more involved in ensuring a farm is run profitably, minimising disease and has preventative medicine as high priority. Of course, even with the best planning, there will always be some emergencies and we can help with those too!

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Qualified Johne’s accreditation

Johne’s disease is a severe concern for both animal welfare and productivity, exerting far-reaching, complex and sometimes devastating effects on whole herds and the livelihood of farmers.

This is one disease that should not be dismissed. Our vet Ciara Tinkler holds her own Johne’s veterinary advisor certificate, having undertaken training and examination in control strategies for the disease.
Ciara can help a farmer understand the risks, current disease status and control strategies best suited to a farm. For more information on Johne’s disease and strategic planning, see here: www.actionjohnesuk.org.

Farm vet services

Herd Health Planning

Herd health plans are essential for all farms to prevent losses through disease and poor production. They are now mandatory for most Farm Assurance Schemes. Our vets will work with you and go through each individual farms strengths and weaknesses to come up with a health plan to suit your needs. MyHealthyHerd is our planner of choice and meets the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme requirements.

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