Complete, worry-free preventative healthcare for your dog or cat

Cat Pet Healthcare Plan

Complete, worry-free preventative healthcare for your dog or cat

Join the healthy pet care plan and start benefiting today...

We’d do anything for our pets, wouldn’t we?

Whether it’s the fun of watching a playful young pup exploring the world around them or the comfort of an old friend always by your side or asleep on your lap – the companionship our pets give us is priceless.

But because your faithful friend can’t tell you when they’re feeling unwell – and sometimes you can’t see when there’s anything wrong either – you want reassurance…

reassurance that, as a responsible pet owner, you’re making the right choices to give you and your pet a long and happy life together,

reassurance that regular check-ups and early detection of any potential problems provide the best chance of a positive outcome,

reassurance that if something doesn’t seem quite right (maybe your pet seems a little under the weather?) that you can see a vet any time, just to be sure that it’s nothing more serious.

We’re pet owners too – so we understand how this feels

That’s why, when we re-designed our healthcare plan, we decided that complete peace-of-mind was the most important priority.

For that reason, as well as receiving a wide range of benefits, regular checks and protection against parasites when you join our Healthy Pet Care Plan – you’ll also benefit from unlimited consultations* with a vet or a veterinary nurse. You can see one of our experts, as often as you need throughout the year, at no extra charge.

What better way to give your pet the very best opportunity of a long and happy life?

To find out more about the benefits Healthy Pet Care Plan membership brings, please read on – or ask a member of staff.
We choose Healthy Pet Care Plan membership for our own pets.
We hope you will too…

Thank you,
The Team at Strand Vets


reasons to join the Healthy Pet Care Plan today:

Unlimited consultations*

with a vet or nurse, whenever you need them. Noticed something unusual with the way your pet is behaving? Your Healthy Pet Care Plan membership gives you complete peace of mind – book an appointment as often as you need throughout the year at no extra cost (excludes out-of-hours consultations). Just pay for any tests, drugs or treatment required.

A full health check with your vet every 6 months
Unlimited nurse clinics

(application of flea and worm products, weight checks etc).

12-point health check

with a veterinary nurse, 6 months after your pet’s annual vaccination.


routine yearly boosters and kennel cough vaccination (for dogs) are included.

Flea and tick treatment

the most effective prescription products to keep your pet flea and tick free throughout the year.

Year-round worm prevention

we’ll recommend the treatment most suitable for your pet and best at protecting your family too.

Anal gland expression

your dog can see one of our veterinary nurses whenever they need.

Free nail clips

with a veterinary nurse, as often as necessary

Free microchip
10% off dental scale & polish
20% off Royal Canin life-stage diets

purchased at the surgery. Of course, you still also benefit from any on-going pet food company loyalty schemes

10% off routine neutering

(including laparoscopic spays)

You'll get great advice on:

– Dental health
– Diet
– Behaviour and training

And you will also benefit from:

– No joining fee
– No annual renewal fee
– Your membership price is fixed for 12 months
– Convenient monthly payment by direct debit

*Please note – a fair usage policy applies to Pet Care Plan membership with unlimited consultations.

How much does membership cost?

Pet Care Plan
Now with Unlimited Consultations*
Pet Care Plan
Flea, tick and worm treatments delivered to your door
per month
per month
per month
per month

How do I Join?

It’s so easy!

You’ll just need your bank account details, so we can set up your direct debit.

Joining takes no more than 2 minutes and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet receives the very best in year-round preventative healthcare.

Call 01624 835424 or join online