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Pets have teeth too!

Does your pet have bad breath or discoloured teeth?

Pet oral disease is so common and easily overlooked. Recent studies have found that over 80% of pets over 4 years old have some degree of dental disease!

Our pets suffer from dental pain just like people but they don’t show obvious signs of pain and are not able to take themselves to the dentists! They very often continue to eat as normal so their owners just don’t know that they are in pain.

Regular dental check-ups are essential and most pets need daily oral care such as tooth brushing to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

We are able to get some idea of the condition of most animals mouths during a consultation and see if further investigation is warranted but a general anaesthetic is needed for a full assessment. Most of a tooth is hidden under the gum line out of sight so often dental X-rays are needed! We are currently the only practice on the island able to offer dental Xrays.

Our vets are experienced in dental surgery but if more specialist treatment is needed, we can refer patients to see a veterinary dentist. We have a specialist who visits our clinic or can see patients off-island for treatments such as root canals or complicated extractions.

If you are worried about your pet’s mouth, get them booked in for a check-up sooner rather than later. If there is a problem, your pet will feel so much better for getting it sorted and if left, these things only get worse.


Contact us on 835424 to book an appointment or to speak to us about your pets oral care.

Photo by Shlok Wadhwana on Unsplash

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