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Coronavirus: 10 important updates for pet owners

Due to the current restrictions, guidelines and some staff in isolation, we have had to change our protocols. Our priorities are to keep our staff and owners safe whilst doing our best to help our patients. Please follow the steps below to help us achieve this. We are still here to help if your animal is unwell and available on our usual phone number 835424.

  1. Do not visit the practice without an appointment. Medicines and food can be ordered over the phone or by email. We will call you with a time slot for you to collect any orders. As multiple clients may be picking up medicines during each slot you may need to queue outside the practice before being seen at the door, please remember to maintain social distancing whilst queuing! When you get to the door we will hand you your order and arrange payment (if you haven’t already done so). If you are unwell or isolating please let us know, we may be able to arrange some medicine deliveries, although this should be a last resort. If you receive a text from the practice to say a treatment is due, please note these are automated, you still need to phone us and order the medicines before coming to collect. If you need to request an insurance claim to be processed, please photograph your usual claim form and send it via email to
  2. If you are attending the practice for an appointment knock at the door (which will be locked!) and move away until someone comes to speak to you. We will come and take your pet and then communicate via telephone during the consultation. With the exception of emergencies, we are not allowing clients to enter the practice to minimise our contact with you.
  3. Be prepared that we may offer you a video consultation before asking you to come for an appointment! You can do this from most smartphones and it allows us to see your pet. If you would prefer we can also offer telephone consultations. All consultations will be £40 as usual, but if we need to physically examine or treat your pet there will be no additional consultation charge made for the second appointment slot, although you may need to pay for treatments or diagnostic tests.
  4. Please only order medications when it becomes necessary. Currently, we are not experiencing medicine shortages. We would, however, recommend that you give us 4 working days to process any orders as deliveries are taking longer and we have less staff during the day.
  5. We are not accepting cash or cheque payment at this time, we are more than happy to take card payments over the phone, contactless payments, or BACS transfer. If you think this will be a problem, please let us know when you are booking an appointment.
  6. If you already have an appointment booked for the next few weeks…, please don’t call us! We are working our way through calling clients and explaining our new measures. You will never be forced to attend the practice! Things are changing so fast at the moment that we don’t know what our protocols will be next week yet, please be patient, we are doing our best.
  7. If you are unwell or are in isolation with someone who is unwell…, PLEASE tell us, we will still do our best to arrange treatment for your animals. However please also understand we have a responsibility to keep ourselves and our team safe.
  8. In order to make sure all travel is absolutely necessary, we will not be performing annual vaccinations unless, after discussion of the risks, we feel they are urgent. This will vary depending on your animal and their circumstances. If you are unsure whether you need to bring your pet for booster vaccines then you can phone or email and we will discuss this with you, however, please only do this if you believe your pets booster is due in the next week. To minimise the risk of your pets getting ill because they have missed their booster cats should be kept indoors wherever possible and dogs should not be allowed to play in or drink stagnant water, all pets can and should practice social distancing too!
  9. Please continue to be patient with us, we are doing our utmost to continue to provide urgent care for those animals that need us. Many of our procedures and policies are changing daily and we are evolving fast. You, our clients are a real support to us in tough times like these, thank you.
  10. And finally, please look out for each other, stay home, stay safe and wash your hands!

From all the team, with love.

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